Thursday, January 6, 2011

If I Came with an Operator's Manual..

 30 Interesting Facts About Me

1. I just became an Aunt for the 5th time today! (what? it's a fact, and it's interesting!)

2. I am right handed.

3. My favorite animal is a dolphin.

4. My favorite movie is probably Casper, just because the scene at the end was so romantic and I watched it at an impressionable age. It makes me sigh.

5. My favorite color is blue. My eyes are blue.

6. I love Victorian houses. I love the gingerbread woodwork, the gables, the porches, the round gazebo turret-type room or porch area. Not so fond of the busy wallpaper.

7. I am a licensed special ed teacher until later this year when it will expire and I will have to renew. My elementary ed license is expired and I can't renew without 6 hours of college credit. I substitute, and you all know how kids treat substitutes!

8. I sometimes eat the leftovers on my kid's plate. I will share food with them. Waste not!

9. I was born with a heart murmur. I grew out of it by age 12.

10. I am very short. 4th graders and 5th graders enjoy telling me they are as tall as me or taller. I'm 5 feet tall with my shoes on. Most people who talk to me online are surprised to learn that I am short. I just have a LARGE personality!

11. I love paper. Keep me away from the school supply section in August! As a writer, I want to fill those notebooks up! I love the smooth edges of a stack of sheets. I love the white spaces between the blue lines. I like to use different notebooks for different stories, ideas, or topics.

12. I am a visual organizer. I like stuff where I can see it. I like things in separate containers, don't mix my stuff! It's okay to put it behind a closed door, but don't mess up my organization!

13. I've been to 4 concerts in my life.

  • One was a mass concert event, where a bunch of bands show up in one place for days of music. I got autographs from a one-hit-wonder band I liked. I made my friend Michelle stand in live with me for like 45 minutes to get them. She didn't like them at all. Now that's friendship!
  • One was at King's Island in Cincinnatti, but all I remember were the rides. I went on my first rollercoaster ever! Then followed that up with 3 more.
  • Then a church in town contacted an artist as she was touring and since she was passing through, she stopped at this church and my youth group went to hear her. She autographed my cassette tape. Yeah, I said cassette.
  • And lastly, an up-and-coming artist stopped at my church, and we hosted another youth group for a small concert there.
14. I dream of going to a Ficly Convention one day and meeting the fabulous members of this writing community. Maybe one day I'll help organize it!

15. I never went on a family vacation as a kid. We had many trips to grandma's, you know, over the river and through the woods, in the car for 2-4 hours depending on which grandma's house was our destination.

16. I've never seen the ocean, so going on a family vacation to see the ocean is on my bucket list. Ideally, a cruise.

17. I drive a tiny, red, Geo Metro from '92, before Chevy bought Geo, and it gets a good 40 miles to the gallon. Not even a luxury hybrid can pull that off. So laugh all you want about my old vehicle that needs repairs, but I spend less on gas, plates, and insurance!

18. I took 4 years of spanish in high school and was nearly fluent, okay maybe not nearly, but I don't feel confident enough to try any!

19. I married my prom date. 3 years later.

20. I'm quiet at first, but once I warm up, I don't shut up. Talking to someone will keep me up all night.

21. If I have to, I'll lead. I prefer to shine in the background until I feel comfortable, but if I have to step up because no one else will, then I'll take the bull by the horns.

22. Sometimes I check into things in a frenzy of good intentions, (like jobs or college) and then decide it's not going to work out and back out, often offending those who were involved. I never know when to apologize.

23. I'm terrible at thank yous. Like if something is minute and it just seems polite, like someone pickign up an item, I will. If something is huge, like a gift of a large sum of money, I will. But if someone chooses to give me something because I asked, or because they felt obliged to bestow a kindness on me, I forget. I am humbled, and I smile a lot, and I cherish the gift, but I forget to say thanks.

24. I'm a gift giver. If I could, I'd give people gifts from the kindness of my heart and not expect thanks at all. That's probably why I'd forget to give it. I don't expect it, and if the tables are turned and the person giving a gift to me expects thanks, they get disappointed. But I'm working on it.

25. I am making a conscious effort to eat healthier this year. I have been working toward this goal for a while, because it is mostly mental. I don't crave that food. I don't need that food. My body needs x, y, and z, not a, b, and c.

26. I think I am allergic to tree pollen. Never been tested. My allergies coincide with the flowering of certain trees. I could be wrong.

27. I play too many facebook games. I admit it. But I have limited myself to playing only in the evenings when my brain is mush anyway, so I'm not losing precious gray matter. It also ensures I pay attention to my family.

28. I resolve to stay off the internet as much as possible before 3 o'clock so as not to go into withdrawal when I get a real job. YOU HEAR ME?! WHEN! (oh that was to my inner critic who wants to be lazy)

29. I hate doing the dishes. We even have a dishwasher! I still hate it.

30. You will be my friend forever for a good back massage!

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