Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Mental Health: Stigma, Dreams, Hopes, and the Cosmos

I've been quite busy, and would have loved to add to my Mental Health series in March for Mental Health Month. In fact, it took me until March 30th to feel like myself again!

I've been stressed. :(

Mental Health is still fresh in my mind, however. Here is a round up of links related to mental health that I have been perusing:

Mark Joyella shares his passion for correctly describing and portraying Mental Health issues and disorders in Journalism, News Media, and combating the stereotypes the media has created with side stories or anecdotes or unrelated pieces inserted into the articles or aired reports. He admits that he has a Mental Illness, and how when correctly diagnosed and treated, he was able to do what he wanted with his life. He describes the hurdles that admitting it has given him, but also it fuels his desire to teach others to overcome them.

My mind has attempted to heal itself, in other words, solve its problems in my dreams. As Richard Wiseman points out, this is a natural process and requires that I get the right amount of sleep, even when stressed. He also tells us the secret to changing recurring nightmares!

Goals for the Future/Hopes:
I wouldn't be able to keep going every day without hope. I'd give up at some point. Sometimes the routine of getting up and going to work everyday, knowing that I have to do it, is enough to force myself to keep going. Just get through the day. One more day. This doesn't have to do with a battle inside me so much as a battle to get through my job. I feel powerless sometimes, when I also feel I should have the power. It is frustrating. I read this tweet, and I found inspiration in a word. Quaintrelle - a woman who emphasizes a life of passion expressed through personal style, leisurely pastimes, charm, and cultivation of life’s pleasures.
That is who I want to be when I grow up, passionate about my life's work and charming with time for leisurely hobbies and life's pleasures.

Ponder the Cosmos:
You have to keep questioning and researching and living and learning. Perhaps you find solace in religion and its routines and answers. Perhaps you find comfort in the thought of a divine creator, or the laws of science. Perhaps you want to prove some theories true or untrue. If you are unsure, seek answers. I was struck, not by the content of blog post so much, but by the first comment below:
Scientific inquiry can tell us the age of the universe, the history of our planet, and the way things work. But only faith can tell us why that universe was created or what our individual lives mean.
What does your life mean?

Mental Illness or no, the goal of life is to find a passion and strive after it. There will be good days and bad. We are given a limited amount of time here, so let's use it as best we can.

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