Sunday, May 4, 2008


I once took a series of personality, IQ, and Learning Styles tests for psychology and education classes. I learned that I use both my visual and auditory senses equally to learn, and also that I am neither left, nor right brained. I am, in fact, center-brained. I use both hemispheres equally. What does this mean?

Well, I have come to conclude that it means I am a Jane-of-all-trades. I enjoy many activities equally. I have an even-keel personality, and I am master of nothing. I enjoy arts and crafts as much as I enjoy puzzles. I get creative urges as well as sportsman urges, but I am not proficient at anything. I know a little trivia, but not enough to win a game. I can draw or paint a picture, but not well enough to warrant a space in an art museum. I can ace tests in school, or know how people feel by looking at them, yet I say the wrong things in certain social situations. Despite things coming somewhat naturally, if I don't focus and hone my talents, I'm mediocre at best.

And I get bored doing the same thing for long periods of time. I have ideals, yet no way to make them a reality. I feel lost in myself, looking for guidance, when it comes to making changes. I don't know enough, because I have a vague understanding of almost everything.

I used to feel proud that I was center-brained, unique, able to do a little bit of everything. Until I grew up. Then I found that a little bit wasn't enough.