Thursday, July 30, 2009

A New Home For Turtle

This tale begins with a turtle who was injured, taken from her home by force, and in need of some care.
This is the lake where she will today, over one year later, find her new home.
Doesn't she look much better now? She sniffs the air. I think she knows there are other turtles here and lots of bite-sized fish.
At first she was a little nervous, smelling the new scents and testing out the sun...
But she soon found her legs and headed for the murky waters.
It was a bit rough going in, the algae was hair-like and thick.
She made herself a pocket.
She decided to turn around, and I helped her get out of the mess and get moving in teh right direction.
She pushed her way further out. There was no way I could reach her now. She was free and on her own.

I hope she is happy out there.Good bye!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Back In The Saddle Again

A friend said I wasn't living up to my potential as a writer. We all have doldrums, low spots, uninspired moments. I wrote some depressing things.. I thought, 'at least I'm practicing'. But I didn't give up. I took the challenge.

Finding inspiration from I wrote a vivid piece with more description.


The siren wailed, ringing through my skull violently. The alarm sent shivers down my spine. My flesh goosepimpled. I wondered if I would ever get used to this.

I did not want to awaken, but bolted from my tiny bed, the light stinging my eyes, cramping my optic nerves. My tired legs protested the run to the brass pole, which I promptly slid down to the garage below.

My calluses screamed as I stuffed my feet into stiff rubber boots. It didn’t matter how thick your socks were if you had been traipsing all day through rivulets of ash laden water. I pulled my suspenders on, shoulders aching from carrying hose after hose, emptying tanker truck after tanker truck just to keep the monsterous blaze at bay.

The coat felt heavy with the burden of saving lives. It may be a cherished mantle, but I was beginning to wonder if I wanted the honor of carrying it. I grabbed onto the handle and hoisted myself onto the giant red behemoth. The wind snapped my face like a wet towel. Soon I saw a glow.

And finally, I was alert.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

A Soggy Fourth and 150th post

It's pretty hard to go swimming when the rain doesn't stop. The fireworks were postponed until tomorrow. Le sigh. So I brought a tired child home who played really well with his cousins today.

Here's a shot of the sopping wet rugs and the drippy chairs, because the pool scene doesn't show you the incessant rain.

There is some beauty here though. If all I had to do was curl up in a comfy chair with a good book, I would. It's the kind of rain where you pull out a family game, do recycled material crafts, and have your kids help you bake goodies. It's a cooling rain, soothing, great for napping.

Good thing it's a holiday!

This is also my 150th post and I wanted to do something special.

Where Poets Come From: A Poem

Behind the gossamer curtain
Beneath the azure veil
You’ll find a quiet beauty
In exquisite detail

You’ll hold your breath to gaze upon it
You’ll take in the scents with your eyes
The scene beheld is beyond words
Sweet music touches the skies

Poetry is wild here
Growing hither and thither
There inside this hollowed ground
A single flower withers

The dried petals wisk away
And a tear is shed for its loss
That single drop ingredient
Births a poet from the moss