Saturday, September 27, 2008

Band-Aid Moustaches and Balding Brows

What is up with this?!?!

You see that bald patch?

Don't think I'm a bad Mom, but he did this in like two minutes!

I had gotten the toddler out of the tub, chased his naked body around the house (his favorite after bath activity, run naked), and put him into a diaper, at least. Upon returning to the bathroom to check on the kindergartener, who enjoys a a little time with the tub all to himself, I find him attempting to bandage a very bloody lip with very wet hands.

Me: What is going on?!?!
Him: A..a bug bit me..
Me: No! A bug did NOT do that! Let me see..
Him: No!

I grabbed him and that's when I saw the eyebrow.
Me: You shaved it?! Mommy's razor is not a toy! You could have cut your eye! I hurts doesn't it? Well, you shouldn't play with Mommy's things! Was that yours?! No!

I dabbed his bleeding lip with toilet paper until it clotted enough to get him out of the tub. Then after he was dry enough to get a band-aid, I applied it to his upper lip.

He giggled. "Hey I can still breathe! Ha Ha, I have a band-aid moustache!"

Yes, the lesson learned from this was apparently, Band-Aids Are Cool To Wear As Moustaches.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fall is Coming!

Top Ten reasons why I LOVE fall!

1. The colors! So crisp, and varied! It's absolutely the prettiest season!
2. The cool air! Summer's heat is blown away, and the pesky bugs with it! The pants come out! No more shaving legs more than once a week! The cooler days mean no more air conditioning! Savings on the electric bill!
3. School is in! I love school supplies! I love the sales on school supplies, and that school brings me work and money. I loved school when I had it (I know I'm crazy!) and still want to go back! I can also send the biggest off to school, not paying for his Daycare, and trust that he is learning more right now than I have time to teach him.
4. Fresh apples! There's something about an apple picked from a tree.. it's sweeter, pure, unbruised, and juicy. Mmmm. Thanks to one of my college roommates for bringing fresh apples into our dorm room and teaching me this truth!
5. Harvest! The pesky corn stalks are mowed over so drivers can finally see around corners! And pumpkins! I love carving awesome pictures into them!
6. The holidays are coming! It is cool enough to clean the house, getting out the totes of Halloween decorations, followed by Thanksgiving. And those holidays mean candy!
7. The fall air always makes me feel like shopping. I plan Christmas lists, dust off old cookie recipes, and start looking at magazine ads for inspiration.
8. New TV shows. I don't get to watch them, but when I do, I usually find some I like, or more episodes of a series I'm a huge fan of!
9. Cool evenings, so I can get out my big wooly blanket and snuggle under it. Thanks Grandma for buying the 'polar bear', as I have named it, so I can be comfy at night!
10. Various festivals around. There's something about going to a flea market, looking for bargains, this year's fads, or nothing in particular and wandering about, people watching. Is it really necessary to carry your dog in a baby bjorn strapped to your chest?

Bonus Reason: Bonfires! I love a good campfire! I love to watch the dancing flames. Campfires demand singing! and marshmallows! They go well with hayrides too, but that is something I haven't been fortunate enough to enjoy recently. :P

Why do you like Fall?

Friday, September 5, 2008

The "Eyes" have It!

A Ficlet based on a picture challenge:

Her Eyes Flutter Open (400 Ficlets challenge)

I held her hand. She was sleeping, or so it seemed. She had been sleeping a long time.

I thought about the last day she was awake. It had rained, oddly enough. It was a cold rain, dreary, soaking everything and everyone to the bone. She talked to me on her cell while she was commuting to work. Boring stuff, daily plans; she liked to be organized and sharing those plans aloud made it permanent in her mind.

She never made it to her hair appointment. We were going up to the lake that weekend too, for a mini vacation… I need it more now than before. If she wakes up, I’ll promise her we’ll go!

I will her to wake up. My thumb lightly strokes her soft skin. She enjoyed her manicures with parafin!

I hear a quickened beep on the heart monitor. I look at her. Is she waking? One eye flutters. I hold my breath!

Her eyes open slightly. I catch a glimpse of her turquoise irises.

She looks at me and her mouth opens. No sound comes out.
“Don’t try to talk, your face was burned, hon; in the explosion.”