Saturday, September 27, 2008

Band-Aid Moustaches and Balding Brows

What is up with this?!?!

You see that bald patch?

Don't think I'm a bad Mom, but he did this in like two minutes!

I had gotten the toddler out of the tub, chased his naked body around the house (his favorite after bath activity, run naked), and put him into a diaper, at least. Upon returning to the bathroom to check on the kindergartener, who enjoys a a little time with the tub all to himself, I find him attempting to bandage a very bloody lip with very wet hands.

Me: What is going on?!?!
Him: A..a bug bit me..
Me: No! A bug did NOT do that! Let me see..
Him: No!

I grabbed him and that's when I saw the eyebrow.
Me: You shaved it?! Mommy's razor is not a toy! You could have cut your eye! I hurts doesn't it? Well, you shouldn't play with Mommy's things! Was that yours?! No!

I dabbed his bleeding lip with toilet paper until it clotted enough to get him out of the tub. Then after he was dry enough to get a band-aid, I applied it to his upper lip.

He giggled. "Hey I can still breathe! Ha Ha, I have a band-aid moustache!"

Yes, the lesson learned from this was apparently, Band-Aids Are Cool To Wear As Moustaches.


Ana Cristina said...

Oh my word ... I don't have kids yet, but I can see they're definitely a handful. My hat's off to you for being able to take care of multiple young'ns.

ALRO said...

hahaha.. that's just hilarious...
and yet i'm reminded of a story about Raymond doing something similar..

Enjoy that older blogpost..