Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Things That I Like

I'm feeling kind of blah, with the weather cold and school closed and getting nowhere...

So I'm going to list a few things I like:

Victorian houses: I love the gables, the gingerbread, the rooms stuck on everywhere!

Gazebos: Again with the gingerbread and hexagonal shape.. Mine will have a garden and view. ;)
Cala Lilies: I've written about them before, but I love the sleek simple lines. They are sexy.

Dolphins: I love the blue of the ocean they swim in, they're beautiful grace, and their friendliness.

Post-its: I love all school supplies, but Post-its are Da Bomb!Having a husband and two boys who think I'm Da Bomb!

Thinking about a few things like this makes me feel a little better. Now all I need is a hug!