Monday, March 27, 2017

No More Muffin Top

I pulled on a pair of jeans yesterday and thought it was just the jeans.

It wasn't until today when I pulled on a second pair that I believed it.

No more muffin top!
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This makes me really excited. I've watched the scale's numbers descend since December, but I hadn't really seen the results on my body until the jeans hugged my hips and laid nicely against my belly.

Diet and Exercise, people.

I've been making sure I have a balanced and healthy lunch, a breakfast that is filling but not sugary, and a dinner that includes a protein and a vegetable. Then I watch the snacks and treats closely.

Usually, I can do about 5 miles on the elliptical, but recently I began stopping after the first mile to do 10 burpees, then after the second to do about 6 more, but after mile 3 I hit that 'runner's high' where my legs don't burn and I just go. Then I stretch out and do some ab exercises.

If I don't have time for an elliptical workout, I do some HIIT exercises or make sure I get a few extra walks into my day.

Some days are harder than others to get in any exercise, and we all need rest days. I used to be guilty of eating poorly on rest days. One change I had to make was to stick to my 'work diet' on weekends as closely as possible. Otherwise I am way too tempted by sweets!

The point is, watch what you eat and get what exercise you can.

Think about it, plan for it, and do it. It feels great.