Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Love is our Calling (2)

My post last May was one of the most viewed. People want to read about Love. There is so much hate in this world.

Love is messy.

It is many things, but it is not always clear. That's why there are so many questions and so many books out there on the topic. It is never ending and fathomless. There are many ways to present a branch of the topic of Love. I will do so.

It has long been my intention to write a book about Love. I hesitate because there are so many books on Love already that do a great job of saying what I want to say. However, I know that no one can say it the way I can. I have a lot of research. I do. It's not all referenced the way I want it, and it's not yet organized the way I want it..

Enough excuses! I must begin to work in earnest upon this great book!

Here are a few thoughts:

Love is something we have to experience, and we have to give it away, both to others and to ourselves. Love can be shared, passed to another, but only in the sense that they mimic our emotion. They can't have our brains with our specific hormones. But a child born into a lack of love still has the capacity to learn about love, to feel it, to express it later in life. As with other emotions, love is a choice. You can feel it, or you can suppress it.

Love is not an emotion but action. All emotions are temporary and fleeting. The feeling of love and the actions of love are connected. Just like you feel like doing something to please the person whom you love, you can also develop feelings of love by doing the things that please your partner. If you only feel love and don’t perform the corresponding actions, the feelings wouldn’t sustain for long.
You can fall out of love, too. Something else takes priority in your life above that person and you move from sacrificing yourself to care for them to liking and appreciating them, but leaving them mostly alone. Without the action, you no longer love it.

2016 in Review

2016 was the year of Health.
Not for many superstars, oof, I mean, wow, 2016, did you have to take so many?? I mean, my health.
My Health - I talked to my gynecologist and had a procedure called an ablation done this summer. This was a good thing for me. Not for my pocketbook. I recovered much quicker than my accounts.

Husband's health - He also had a procedure done, plus he gets an annual blood screening from his employer, the results of which keep him motivated to be healthy. Thing is, we cook and eat the same dinner, so it is imperative that we keep each other accountable for healthy living.

Dog and Cat health - This year a cat joined our family. He adopted us. He needed to be fixed, so I took care of that. The dog has had a tumor on his leg growing for 2 and a half years and I had that removed. I feel like a good pet owner again.

Eye health of boys - While both my sons are pretty healthy, this year they both needed new glasses. My youngest has had glasses since he was 2, so this was old hat for him, but the oldest just got glasses this year. Clearly, they have my genes.

2017 needs to be a year of Exercise and Well-Being

Vacations -  I am planning small. I still have medical bills to pay! There is not much extra to save, but I am saving up. I want to head South this year. Maybe I'll see some big water. I hear there's this place called a 'beach'..

Hobbies - I have to write more. This is what I love, this is what grounds me. I get lost if I don't write and share what I write with a community. I have a profile on Ficlatté.com and I'm gonna use it!

Keep up on the health - I'm starting out right. I've been using my elliptical and am about to add more to my workouts. With the precariousness of life staring you right in the face, all those big names we lost, it is never a better time than now to start living happier and healthier.