Monday, May 18, 2009


Jotted down a story today about Light versus Darkness, in the literal sense.


When the lights were on, life was vibrant. The people danced, colors swirled, music blared and smiles shone as bright as the glitter and sequins.

The night was dark, but after the club closed we drove around, the crew attempting to keep the party going in the car. We belted out lyrics, clinking bottles together, whooping and hollering. Still smiling.

Then the lights went out. The darkness was so complete. The singing stopped, the smiles were gone, the colors vanished. All that was left was pitch black darkness and pain. My ears rang for a long time. My head swam in the oblivion, trying to find something that made sense.

I heard sounds as the ringing stopped, whimpering sounds, but it was only me. And the darkness remained. It covered me, held me gently, and frightened me. I called out, but the darkness swallowed my pleas.
“Can you hear me?”


“Where am I? I can’t see anything!”

“You were in an accident. We’re going to remove the gauze now.”

Brilliant white light invaded the dark. I gasped.

I hope this inspires you to write a little about light, dark, both, or opposites in general. :)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Okay, This is Beyond Doodling!!

The creative prompt was 'tree'. I don't know where this came from. I dug out my sketchbook and drawing pencils, yes, drawing pencils (!) and tried to get the kids to sit beside me and draw as well.

I originally drew the tree in the middle sans leaves, getting the shape down, then I bypassed adding leaves and went to the fir on the right, adding needles. Then I drew the Birch tree bark close-up, and my left brain said 'winter', and my right brain okay, we don't need leaves anyway, and the footprints in the snow, the smooth horizon line, and the textures came out. Lastly a dim sun peeked out. I guess it's too dim for shadows... The bottom right corner is supposed to be a frozen lake or pond.

What do you think?

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Spring Pics, Another Doodle, and.. Lemons??

Yes, I went out taking nature pics again! I had to get a picture of the first iris!

While I was out, my brother told me where I could get a great picture of baby blue robin's eggs.

These beauties are nestled on the bean head for the combine! Birds love to build nests on farm implements!

And here's another doodle I did...

So the top is all cheery and happy, with flowers and birds and butterflies, but the bottom is dark and foreboding, with the dragon disguised as a nature scene. I guess I was thinking about things that seem great on the outside, but are really lemons. Like the test I was giving at the time; it seems all beneficial, but the data will be used in a very cruel way. You know what I mean, it was THAT test.

What things come to your mind when you hear the word "lemon", meaning something that has a great outside, but is only a cover for the truly rotten core inside?

Monday, May 4, 2009

Anniversary; Blogiversary

Today is my anniversary. Yes that's right, 7 years ago I married my best friend. He's put up with my occasional attitudinal PMS, pregnancy hormones (twice), misunderstandings, and bouts of slap happy humor for 10 years now.

How do we make it work? Communication, compromise, and humor. My mother bought us a card that says "to the couple like no otter" with otters on the front, but the pun is true. It's not everyday you find a couple like us.

We still are best friends. We love to do things together. We still argue or debate, but it never is really serious. We agree on disciplining the children, we share in the chores, we support each other, and most importantly we talk out our concerns, feelings, and problems.

You're thinking, oh just wait, something will come up and you'll have a big fight.

Well, once I made him so mad, he drove off to avoid doing something he'd regret. And there have been moments I've broken down in tears over issues, most often personal. But things always work out. That doesn't matter. What matters is that we connect on an intellectual level.

On another note: It is also my Blogiversary. And I'm happy to report I received a nice surprise gift! I won Violette's contest! (see doodle entry below). I am really kind of humbled, though. This is just too nice!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Spring Arrives on the Farm

After all the rain we've had, I knew I could get some nice nature photos today. So I did.

I call this one Spring On The Farm. Too bad I couldn't get some flowers prettier than dandelions to shoot! I like the juxtaposition of the tire.

What's more Spring-like than a nest of eggs? These are house wren eggs, we think. They are in a nest built inside a plastic bag in the old milk-house. The nest is right beside my Dad's toolbox. Imagine his surprise when he reached for a tool and the Momma bird flew in his face! True story.

This babbling brown brook is actually a ditch, but I walked beside it trying to find salamanders, craw-dads (crayfish), or toads. I did see one toad, but was too slow to get a picture. This photo doesn't do the ditch justice. I find babbling brooks peaceful and calming. In fact, babbling brooks make my Top Ten Favorite Sounds list. :P

Can you spot the tiny butterfly? There were several butterflies out today around the dandelions, violets, goldenrod, and other miscellaneous weeds that have flowered. I was kind of surprised, but I forgot how early spring came this year.

The next two pics are buds from flowers, perennials, planted around the yard. The first is a white peony, it starts kind of pink, but turns white later.

And this one is a lavender Iris. Last year I transplanted these bulbs and they didnt' flower, so I'm excited that they have stabilized and will flower this year! I have found some more bulbs in the ditch and plan on transplanting them sometime this year. How they got in the ditch, I haven't the foggiest..

I had fun taking pictures, can you tell? There are a few more, but I think these are enough for now. :P
Enough natural Zen!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Doodle for creativity!

As per Violette's blog contest, I have doodled for creativity. I admit, I didn't let my brain go completely here. I was at school (can you tell?) so this is about how I feel right now. It is the end of the year, Spring has sprung and the kid's brains are already on vacation. It is a frustrating time for teachers, yet I remain happy that i simply have a job subbing right now!

I have been giving tests lately, so you see the huge test paper in the foreground, the song above the bus is what was going through my head at the time, and every other symbol from the tree to the locker monster encompasses the end of the year emotions. There is the needing to get out and get some fresh air symbolized in the tentacles and stench from the dirty locker, and also the flirty birds in the tree enjoying their spring desires for love.

Teachers and students alike are antsy, burnt out, and unfocused this time of year. They really just want summer! Ideas are tiny light bulbs, shoved to the back burner for later as the desire to just get through this and get out overpowers everything else.

I'm enjoying doodling again, which I haven't done in a long time. So I think I may do another. :)