Saturday, May 2, 2009

Spring Arrives on the Farm

After all the rain we've had, I knew I could get some nice nature photos today. So I did.

I call this one Spring On The Farm. Too bad I couldn't get some flowers prettier than dandelions to shoot! I like the juxtaposition of the tire.

What's more Spring-like than a nest of eggs? These are house wren eggs, we think. They are in a nest built inside a plastic bag in the old milk-house. The nest is right beside my Dad's toolbox. Imagine his surprise when he reached for a tool and the Momma bird flew in his face! True story.

This babbling brown brook is actually a ditch, but I walked beside it trying to find salamanders, craw-dads (crayfish), or toads. I did see one toad, but was too slow to get a picture. This photo doesn't do the ditch justice. I find babbling brooks peaceful and calming. In fact, babbling brooks make my Top Ten Favorite Sounds list. :P

Can you spot the tiny butterfly? There were several butterflies out today around the dandelions, violets, goldenrod, and other miscellaneous weeds that have flowered. I was kind of surprised, but I forgot how early spring came this year.

The next two pics are buds from flowers, perennials, planted around the yard. The first is a white peony, it starts kind of pink, but turns white later.

And this one is a lavender Iris. Last year I transplanted these bulbs and they didnt' flower, so I'm excited that they have stabilized and will flower this year! I have found some more bulbs in the ditch and plan on transplanting them sometime this year. How they got in the ditch, I haven't the foggiest..

I had fun taking pictures, can you tell? There are a few more, but I think these are enough for now. :P
Enough natural Zen!

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