Monday, September 20, 2010

Finally, Something Good!

I've been really down in the dumps. Again this year I have failed to procure a teaching position. I was THIS CLOSE; for sure this time. Never in the past have I been THIS close.

I'm still looking, but the let down was just as hard, no, harder than last year.

Fueling my search is my need to eat. See this amazing thing happens when you don't have money for food and necessities.. you begin to take more drastic steps.

I've considered:
  • changing my career path,
  • going deeper into school loan debt to better my licenses I currently hold,
  • becoming a full-time housewife,
  • becoming a serious writer,
  • donating plasma,
  • getting a second job,
but it all comes down to timing. See certain measures have already been taken to lighten the load, and they take time to bear fruit. I'm seeing some of the fruit this week. It's there, little buds of promise, but it hasn't matured yet. I'm waiting on another line I sent out to be picked up by rescuers.

I've been thinking about my short term writing goals.

I wrote a couple pieces for contests, to exercise my writing muscles through the pain. I have edited 2 novels, because I felt like cutting the fat. I have set a goal to finish them.

I created my first ebook and am offering it for free to get my name out there. It's poetry, and I am far from a poet, so I am working on a fiction one as well. I did get a 5 star rating though, which made my day!

The point is, I persevered.

I am still making it.

My decisions are working out for the better.

I am reminded of the past trials: the interviews and rejections, the financial hard times, the moments when I didn't know how we would get through. I am reminded that we DID make it through. We were watched over. There is a plan, a perfect job, and maybe it's waiting because the timing is not right.

Just keep going, keep looking for an opening, keep writing, keep moving forward.

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