Friday, January 15, 2010

De-ja vu vs. Pre-ja vu

De ja vu (Day-zha-voo) is when you've experienced something before. True De ja Vu is when you return to a place you have been and do the same activity over again. The time between occurrences could be days, weeks, hours, years. Some miniscule detail about the event or place will be unique and exactly replicated, like a coworker wearing a red scarf, or a piece of dust flying just so.

Pre-ja Vu (Pray-zha-voo) is when you've never ever ever been to a place or even met a person before and when you experience the tiny moment, you KNOW you've been there before, seen that before, and you KNOW you dreamed it because there is NO WAY IN HEAVEN you've could have ever known these things.

For example, I must have dreamed vividly of holding my newborn son in my arms just so, seeing his face, wearing that exact outfit, because when I glanced down and the lighting was just right, I was holding him exactly like this, and he had been born not a few days before. How could I have known what he would like or how I would sit here at this moment or what he was wearing?

I also had the same occurrence in the van with my boys the other day, where I was climbing through, they were strapped in, sitting just so, wearing their winter gear and the same items were on the center console.

Pre-ja-Vu happens more often than De-ja-Vu for me. I dream vividly, especially when something stressful is going on. Moving to a new house, starting a new job, having a baby, are all triggers for incidences like these. I can usually remember the last three dreams or the last longest dream I had when I wake, but I never remember these special Pre-ja-Vu moments until they happen, so they must be deep REM sleep dreams.

Do you ever have occurrences like this?
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