Sunday, March 11, 2018

Self-Reflection and a Call to Action

I'm in a place to do some self-reflecting today. I've needed a 'mental health' day for a while now. I put those off and I really shouldn't. Sometimes I get a little bit of self-reflection at church, but that is not nearly enough.

Looking back over this blog, I see that I talk about 'balance', 'well-being', 'mental health', and 'love', 'happiness', 'marriage', or 'friendship' most often. I think that is my niche. Besides writing, of course.
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I am highly introspective. Not everyone is. In fact, if you know you are feeling or acting crazy, you most likely can figure a way out of it, whether that crazy is manic or depressive.

So, if you aren't introspective, you probably need advice. I love to bounce ideas off of people, I just never considered myself an expert of any kind, nor do I profess to have all the answers. I feel my posts are pretty lame. Who am I to give out tips?

While I hold no degrees nor certifications, I do have a wealth of knowledge that may be of service to others. Is there anything you've read about in my posts that you want to know more about?

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If you want to Create a Clear Vision for Tackling Your Weakest Areas of Well-Being, email me.
elshahawk1@gmail. Together we can Uncover the Inner Thoughts that Sabotage Your Happiness. Leave Renewed, Reenergized, and Inspired to Finally have the Confidence to Be the Best YOU!

Find Balance in your Life! Have a Wealth of Well-Being! Together we can hold each other up.

Invest in Yourself.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

10 Signs of Relationship Abuse

I felt compelled to help those who may be experiencing abusive relationships. There is help. There is a way out. Find someone to talk to and a safe place to go. Call the hotline if you are in the United States, and learn what hotlines or resources there are in your country. Don't stay in an abusive relationship.

Monday, November 20, 2017


Most people think their spouse is supposed to be their soulmate.

I know I did.

I think this belief is propagated in Disney Princess movies. Our Prince Charming, Aladdin, Eric, or Flynn is supposed to be perfect and someone we can live happily ever after with.

Did you know that you can have more than one soulmate?

I'm not talking about polygamy, polyamory, adultery, or any of that stuff.

I'm talking about redefining the term Soulmate.

Sounds right. Thanks Dawson's Creek.

But no where does it say that this person has to be your spouse, the opposite gender, or the same age. No where does it say that this person remains in your life forever. No where does it say that this isn't several people, who may or may not be in your life at the same time.

At different times of our lives we will need and want different types of relationships.

How do you know if you have found a soulmate?

1. Indescribable Connection

Firstly, you will feel a sense of having known this person for all of your life. They will 'get' you. You will 'get' them. 
  • You may experience HUGE changes when you meet. You may shift directions entirely. You may experience emotions you never knew you could feel - extreme highs and lows.

2. Intertwining passions 

This is probably how you will meet. You both will love the same things. When you get together and work on those things, you will challenge and inspire each other to greater heights than ever before. You feel the need to team up and conquer something.

When we get together we pop off like Fourth of July - Hollyn
3. Complete Ease

There is no guilt, no nerves, no shame when you are around your soul mate. Despite what society, religion, culture, has to say, when you two are together, everything is perfect. No one has to understand you, but you.
  • You will know what the other person is thinking or feeling intuitively.
4. Mutual Growth

Lastly, you both will grow together. You learn from each other's failures and when you are apart, you still grow and learn. You bring out the best in each other.

The hard part:

Sometimes, once the lesson is learned, the person will drift away, having completed their mission. You will never forget them.

Here's the part you need to understand.

This is not the same as a Life Partner.

Soulmates can be your Life Partner, but they don't have to be. It's only in recent times that we expect our spouses to be in tune to us. Think about it.

(Or read here.)

Your spouse is your Life Partner.

What is a Life Partner?

  • Your relationship is based on being physically present and creating new memories.
  • You both feel a sense of financial and emotional stability by being together.
  • You resonate with each others beliefs, ideas or religion/philosophy.
  • Your relationship is based on logical or intellectual decisions.
  • You get along like best friends- your relationship does not suffer from extremes.
  • You enjoy getting to know each other and learn about your differences and similarities- everything about each other feels new and exciting.
  • You feel attracted to each other physically and resonate with each others values.

This distinction has helped me greatly and I hope it helps you, too.