Saturday, May 15, 2010

Zoo Trip

We're on our way! Three busses to follow down the interstate. Not too sunny and hot, but warm as it's expected to rain.
One excited passenger ready to meet brother at the zoo gates.
After a few miles, the boredom sets in and the slouching begins. If he had thought about it, this is where the "Are we there yet?!" questions would have begun.

Arrival! oodles of kids every day visit the zoo for school field trips.

First stop, seals and sea lions.
Strike a pose!

Seals are quick, it's hard to get a good shot. You end up getting them with their heads in teh water.
Ah, got one!So you can enjoy this video of them instead.

And this one from under the water.

We moved on to pet the sharks. This was exciting. Like fish and snakes, they look wet and slimy, but they are rough and their fins are sharp..
If you think taking the seals' pictures was tough, the stingrays move so stealthily, you get a blurry shot no matter what.

The bright coral provided a great backdrop for the colorful fish.
Since jellyfish are mostly clear, their tank is backlit so they show up.
Around the corner and you find Penguins. These look like they are dancing.
These are singing.
And this one is chillin in the pool.
Onto the polar bear, who looked so cute and comfy up there.
And finally the walrus who hammed it up for the kids. I knew these animals were huge, but to stand next to one is remarkable.
Outside in the Forest exhibit area we found marmosets.

And a red panda. Can you see him?
And this animal paced back and forth on the grass here like it was stuck.
The tiger slept.
And slept.
This monkey again pondered how to escape.

Can you name that animal??It's a peacock butt.
This bear paced its enclosure too. Probably working off that winter weight.
Smile for the camera!

A raven cawed.

Sorry honey, preen all you want, but you're never gonna be pretty.
And the Bald Eagle, truly a majestic bird.

We then moved inside to the dark house where the snakes were kept. This is a black headed python, and here I thought it was the other end!
A snake, I didn't read the cage. They are all snakes to me. and while I'm not afraid of them, they do kinda creep me out a little.
This one is green, and looks like a braided rug hung over a branch.

This one has the biggest head ever. You can't see how big it really is here, but it is huge. And apparently he gets some toys as well.

We left the snakes to go to the desert, where the kids were surprised to find it HOT in there. Well, kids it is the desert! Here are two lizards, animals you'd expect to see.And here is a cute bashful turtle. I think this picture should be a jigsaw puzzle..

And here are snake neck turtles, in the oasis.And the desert isn't finished with turtles! They are the perfect desert inhabitants.Then the cutest little meerkat creatures caught my camera's eye.

Posing. Aww!And this big lizard took center stage next.
And its even bigger brother.. sister?
And here is a bird. Can you see it? In the middle. This would be the hardest jigsaw puzzle ever!

Back outside to an enclosure filled with animals, surrounded by the dining courtyard. Flamingos, ducks, turtles, and King Julian's. Well that's what the kids called them.

Tummy's rumbly, time for something to eat!
We paid way too much for lunch at the café, but these faces are worth it!
I love dolphins! And we got tickets to the dolphin show right after lunch.

After the show we had to go on Safari because one of our group wanted to see a lion. While we did see a lion, it was sleeping, go figure, and far enough away that I could not get a good picture. So you have to enjoy these other African animals instead.
Synchronized ostriches.
Peek-a-boo baby giraffe!
Yeah, you!
Don't go!
Big rhino.
Lazy rhinos.
Big baboons, and baby baboons!

So tiny!
Gazelle of some type.
This elephant didn't look very old, but with the construction nearby, I'd be cranky too, cranky enough to warrant the electric fence to keep me from stampeding the construction zone.

And by now the sun had come out, in full force, and it was getting hot. We felt every degree it was supposed to be; near 80. We thought the rain had left.

On to the petting zoo! We pet a big hairy Scottish cow, but it was too close to the fence, being brushed, to get a good picture.
Goats looking in, One goat in!

Okay, enough Dr. Suess!
The little goat in front of his/her momma is definitely hers, firstly they have the same leg coloring and secondly, she pushed all the others away. They hopped up on the ledge to obey her and still be near her.
A full morning of petting made this donkey sleepy.
"It's Donkey from Shrek!"announced the kids.
Llama cold shoulder. This llama did not move as we walked past. Clearly it was fed up with humans and wanted to be left to mull over the indecency of being gawked at by this noisy species!
Pretty ponies and a pretty horse.
After the petting zoo, we browsed the gift shop so our little charges could spend frivolously the money their parents so foolishly let them have. Go home with your overpriced blue slime and your false dinosaur fossils!

On our drive out, guess what? It rained!
I love ironic weather! It is raining, and the sun is out. :D We drove right out of it, though. It wasn't a big cell.
My only souvenir washes off with soap and water, so I had to snap a picture of it. Well, pictures are a souvenir, too.

We went to Cracker Barrel on the way home and since the toddler had thrown a fit at not being able to have the big overpriced sucker in the zoo gift shop, we decided to buy them at the restaurant. And they were cheaper!
What a mess!
It was a great trip. Toddler will be speaking about it for days!

Bonus: hubby fixed my turn signal light bulb before we left! Yay, now cars behind me will know when I need to make a right-hand turn!

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