Thursday, August 13, 2009

Today's Humbling Thought

I was walking through the house, carrying items that needed putting away, when I stepped on something small and hard. Not being able to check it out right away, I walked to my destination and laid down my parcels. I turned to look behind me, but misjudging the distance I had traveled, missed the item on the floor, at first.

This made me think. We don't always realize how far we've come until we take the time to look back;

both in the literal, and metaphorical sense.

How far have you come, my friends? How far have I come? I certainly have learned my share of lessons! Literally I haven't traveled far, but metaphorically, I may have influenced people all over the world.

That's a humbling thought.

1 comment:

Elice said...

that is an awesome thought. It makes me feel like I'm actually worth something.