Thursday, June 27, 2013

Skinny Rules and My Comments on Them

I love to watch Biggest Loser on TV.  Along with the inspiring stories of people who work really hard to lose weight and get healthy, there are sometimes facts and rules to weight loss that are valuable.

I am not overweight, but I am not happy with my body. I have noticed a lack of flexibility, a lack of energy, and disappointment in the size of clothes I have to buy. While I should simply be grateful that I still can shop in 'normal' stores and find something on a rack to try on (and that my husband finds me irresistible), I still see active, happy, skinnier people and want to be like that. I know that I can be flexible, strong, and happy with just a little bit of work each day.

Firstly, I love the Daily Hiit body work exercises. There are real people not only hosting the videos with awesome encouragement and adaptations, but there are real people posting pics of their real results. The best part is that you do not have to have any equipment and the workouts are SHORT. You can fit them in anywhere in your day.

Secondly, I have found this list of rules supposedly by Bob Harper from Biggest Loser. This list is expanded upon in his book of the same title.
Perusing this list, I thought I'd comment on a few of them.

Number 1, this must be my new goal. I have been drinking more water, however linking water consumption to a meal time is genius planning. PLUS, the water will help you digest. Water ALWAYS makes me hungry, so pairing it with meals is perfect. If you drink enough, chances are you will eat smaller portions, right?

Number 2, I already don't drink soda or coffee. I assume this doesn't mean protein shakes. :) I have been trying a few protein drinks but I can't stand the metallic aftertaste. I'm not cut out for them.

Number 3, I do this.
Number 4, Already do this. We buy whole grain breads, rolls, tortillas, cereal, pasta, or veggie pasta.
Number 5, I never counted. This must be a later goal. Find out how much fiber I get in a day.
Number 6, Sounds simple enough. We always have apples in the house. We just planted berry bushes, so soon the rising cost of berries in the winter will not be an issue. HaHA!

Number 7, This must not mean the good carbs found in fiber, fruit, and veggies, but rather the bad carbs like sugar, white flour, white potatoes, and syrups. Awww, no more pancakes for dinner!

8 and 9 go together. Labels have serving sizes, and the carbs and fiber, listed. Portion control is huge in America, however. When you go out to eat, you get refined flours, plates full of foods, double the portions on meats, buttery veggies, and sugary drinks. The standard is set. I am working on unlearning it. :)

Number 10, I have found that the added sweeteners give me a headache anyway. I hate Splenda. I just avoid them anyway most of the time.

Number 11, We have potatoes often at certain times of the year. Will have to concentrate on using red or yellow ones instead. I love sweet potatoes, and I try to get them, but my family does not unless they are french fried.

Number 12, I like this, because we can get protein from eggs, milk, cheeses, beans, nuts and even broccoli. I don't have to have meat every single day.

Number 13, I have made a resolution to myself to not have fast food. I just can't stand the grease. I allow myself Subway, Arby's occasionally, but no fries, and Penn Station occasionally. I have broken this promise a few times. You can't look a gift horse in the mouth, especially when tired, hungry, and on the go. I have shared my goal with my family and they do enjoy my suggestions.

Number 14, I usually have oatmeal. What is a 'real' breakfast?  Whole grain cereal, fruit, and a glass of milk? It might be worth perusing the chapter on 'real' breakfast in the bookstore. This and the confusing carb statement..

Number 15, Well, I make my own breakfast and lunch, so I'm covered. :)

Number 16, Do not eat those frozen 'healthy' meals. They are full of salt! Check your cereal labels, people, hidden salt. Do not have a lot of V-8, nor anything that does not need refrigerated after opening.Canned veggies are bad! And soups, oh watch those. Packaged meats, condiments, spaghetti sauce, salted peanuts, chips and pretzels (also made with refined flour) are also big salty places. I don't know about you, but occasionally I crave a salty snack. I figure my body needs it. But I don't eat chips, go very easy on condiments, have little packaged meats, and stay away from pre-packaged or frozen food as much as possible.

Number 17, I'm trying! I have been eating salads and have a nice garden growing fresh things. I like veggies.
Number 18, Can't do this. Hunger will keep me awake! This is a chapter I need to read.. do you think he suggests bedtime snacks? I like to eat a slice of cheese, drink some milk, and try to get back to sleep if I am woken up by hunger. Protein keeps you feeling satiated longer.

Number 19, I'm trying. Sometimes sleep is not easy. I always have trouble turning off my mind and falling asleep. We just bought a new mattress pad for our bed. I find I am sleeping deeper lately. This is good. I am also more busy in the day time. Both are good for sleep. Then there are days where a storm front comes and I get a migraine and I am lethargic.. but that's another post.

Number 20, oh good, so I CAN have pancakes for dinner! This is not a weekly occurrence. Most often splurge meals are eaten 'out'. I almost always bring home leftovers. Hm, maybe that is not a good thing. The husband and I have been sharing meals at restaurants for portion control and it saves money. Cha-CHING! We also order veggies and grilled chicken or steak instead of ground meats or fried foods. We have discovered that some places only serve 'comfort foods' high in fat, grease, and starch. Sides given to choose from are often white potatoes and corn or buttery green beans and baby carrots that have been boiled limp (no vitamins) and smothered in bacon, onions, or butter and pepper or some sauce. Not healthy!

Overall, I am doing okay, diet-wise. Really, it's the exercise part that I need to work on! As far as this list goes, I am going to try one new goal at a time. So, water before every meal, here I come!

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