Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Finding Myself: Wishy-Washy Me

I have been a wishy-washy person. Many of the posts I have deleted over the years have been embarrassingly wishy-washy. I would whine, rant, and suggest things, but never tell if I did them. It was a place to put my thoughts down. Later, I went through them and saw a desperate, blind, wishy-washy girl.

My blog posts don't have to be this way. Maybe that is a good goal for me this year. Especially if I want to create a platform. I need to find myself a solid piece of ground, a gumption, an attitude, a voice, and stick to it.

Part of living to your potential is making decisions. These can be based on goals you are trying to accomplish, logic, gut feelings, or even snap, rash and emotional, but they are decisions that shape your life's direction. You can mull over them, or be forced to make them, but they still influence your path.

So maybe this year's Resolution actually looks like this:

Live To My Potential

  • Don't write wishy-washy blog posts
  • Make decisions with more conviction
  • Push myself past my fears and insecurities. Be willing to try for "That wasn't so bad."
  • Trust myself / Trust God in myself
  • Try something new (from last year's resolution, but still applicable)
  • Know when to say, "No, I need to focus on me"
  • Take care of my body (exercise and water, mental health, emotional health)
I like it.

I may have to rename myself the Mistress of Decision Making.. O.o


August Rode said...

Mastering decision making isn't a matter of conviction. It's a matter of knowing when decisions are necessary and when they aren't.

Trusting oneself can be problematic if one has no understanding of one's limitations. Trusting that you know something when you really don't is not a good thing.

April Schoffstall said...

Which is wisdom in and of itself, this 'Knowing your limitations'. :) yes, the very definition of Wisdom.
I tend to either overshoot, or undershoot my limitations, we all do, when trying something new. We either fall on our butts, or we land on our feet surprised and happy. I also watch others and can choose to follow them or to avoid what they just did.
How else will we know our limitations? How else will we be wise?