Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Year in review in pictures

2014 In Review... In Pictures.

In January, we went snow tubing. It was awesome.

Because it snowed...

and it snowed.....

and it snowed!!

We missed so many days of school that they made up an extended day schedule for a whole month to make up the extra hours. It was nuts.


I was feeling blue from all the wintery stuff, so i painted my toes brightly.
Yeah, so I didn't do so hot on the hearts.. but I tried! What else are you gonna do when you are snowed in?


We replaced the throwout bearing in my clutch.

And went bowling.


We took some cousins to the park.

 I worked on a big puzzle for Spring Break.

And I started my pond up for the season.


A frog moved into my pond.

I planted a tulip tree.

We flew kites.

We went to Nashville, IN.

I made a nicer entryway to my home.

I bought a fire pit. Whoopee!

We went to the fair.

We had a Hot Wheels car wash.

And we watched baby robins leave the nest for the first time.

School FINALLY let out.
 My oldest left Elementary School behind like Truffula Trees, but he is not an angry Lorax about it..well, this picture seems to say otherwise!
 We did some art..
These perler beads and an iron were a hit. We made robots!
 In an effort to encourage outside play, I made a mini croquet field in the backyard. We played once, and then it sat. Hey, we tried!
 Discovered this pest on my tomato plant. Grrr. Tomato Horned worm. This made me rethink my garden plans for next year.
We hosted the niece and nephew several times, and once we painted some fun shaped boxes. Art with Aunt April!

 I had a free bracelet 3-D printed. It's pretty cool to think about how they did this.
As a last Hurrah, we went to play mini golf. I am pleased to report I got 2 Holes in One! The boys were not as impressed.

It finally got hot out, and the dog dug himself a nice cooling hole. We could only see his head though, and we thought it was hilarious. He's like a zombie dog! Half his body is gone! Run!

Boys insisted we carve this Jack-O-Lantern. It's supposed to be a gargoyle's face. 
I didn't take any pictures in November. It was a nice month, full of Family what with Thanksgiving in there. 
 The barn at my parent's house collapsed. No snow for Christmas here. It was actually kinda warm.
My mother contemplates the fallen vestige of American history.
It's harder and harder to find old barns like these.

So, that was my year. Sure, there were plenty of other things that happened. My Grandmother passed away. She was 95. I can only hope to live that long! I began to think about spending time with family, leaving a legacy behind, and being smarter as I age with my time, money, and efforts.

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