Wednesday, August 20, 2008

When They Know, You Know, Ya Know?

Today I took my oldest to Kindergarten! I almost feel old, but not as old as when I'll take my youngest. Look at him, running to get to the door! He actually just wanted to push the wheelchair button, but let's not underestimate his eagerness!

He found his friend inside those doors where we waited, and they compared backpacks and shirts. His friend wasn't excited. He was sort of like, I'm back, so what? They met at this school for preschool. While I had to transfer my oldest to another preschool mid-year, this other little boy had stayed at this building all year. My son was therefore happy to be back, and not at all anxious about staying here. His friend, was a little nervous and quiet. His friend knew he would be in a new room with new people, two things he obviously had time to think about. My son, has no idea what it will be like, but he's had two teachers in the past and he can handle a third! His confidence is stellar, born of ignorance, but stellar!

Many parents walked down to the room with their little tykes. I however, knew better. No tears today. Mommies and Daddies need to separate themselves at the door. I waved good bye to him and said urgently to follow his teacher. That was all he needed. If I would have followed him, he would have time to think about separation anxiety. He would have time to grow alligator tears and hug me fiercely. Not gonna happen. No. I know he's ready, and I know he'll be fine. Because of how he ran into the building!

And me? No tears either. He's ready for this, I'm ready for this. I'm looking forward to the stories when he gets off the bus in a couple of hours!


ALRO said...

that's awesome!!!
Yip.. ours is in Grade 3 this year..

Stacey Kannenberg said...

I wasn't that smart with my first one but sure got into the "ya know" with the second one! WOO HOO!