Monday, April 13, 2009

Fridge Poetry: Jealousy

I whipped out my dictionary for this one.. Online Magnetic Poetry Genius Edition gave me the words for this one. It's short 'cuz the words were hard! I couldn't add anything else to it and make sense. There wasn't a "desires" or more "his"s or "from"s.

the festooned profligate
the pithy pariah

his nefarious solution
will enervate you
with herculean lachrymose

ingratiating character!

A rough translation for the dictionary-lacking:

the adorned prodigal/the un-elaborated lowly one
his evil solution/will bore you/ with humongous tears and sadness
flattering character!

This must be how the other brother felt when the prodigal son returned and was welcomed with a feast. I read this with disgust, spitting the words from my mouth. Blech! :P Hope you enjoy!
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