Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Children's Museum Trip

Where can you find Michael Jackson and KISS?
At the Indianapolis Children's Science and Technology Museum! Duh!

Do you go to the museum to walk the skywalk?

NO WAY! You go for Dinosaurs of course!

And the Dinosaurs not only are bustin' out, they are bustin' in!
In DinoSphere, you get to witness a prehistoric day, including a storm in the ever changing sky over an epic battle of 3 horn versus T-Rex.

The boys dabbled in a little fossil digging, and yes you DO excavate the fossils from the wall.
And we visited another T-Rex..
and a duckbill.
The boys got to hold a triceratops horn. Clearly, it's a struggle to the top.
Dressing up is fun, and the museum offers lots of dress up clothes. Here is a baby dinosaur.
Baby dinosaur lays on the eggs.
All aboard to the train exhibit! Complete with real train, tool car,
play train, computers with train games, and a ticket station with Thomas the Train play scape.
Next stop, Egypt! This exhibit is a study in Arabic culture.
Giant stone faces with toddler boogers aside, the boys played house, rode a fake donkey, saw shops and restaurants, and wrote arabic postcards and made silver bracelets.
What trip to the Nile would be complete without a Nile Crocodile? The baby croc looks hungry!
Don't worry though, the boys have the momma trapped! I hope.
Time for a nap!
We went to the planetarium and saw a show. Even the toddler loved it! He was talking about stars and he got to move to look all around the dome. You can't leave space without paying a visit to C3PO! They do great impressions of him..
Yoda instructs the 7 year old on proper action stances..
while the toddler pulls on his ear. Not amused, Yoda is.
What boy doesn't want to drive a race car? And Indianapolis is the place for Indycars! Zoom!
So many displays have play areas. In the toddler section specifically for short people you can find sand, water, a club house, woodland creature costumes, a garden to plant, and rubbings to make.
In another section devoted to Ruby Bridges, Anne Frank, and Ryan White, you can learn about how to make a difference even as a kid. The 7 yr old loved the fake newscasting section where you got to learn how to read a teleprompter and be on tv. Sorry no pics, but I think he is a future AV nerd. They were interviewing Ryan White and showing his clips. In his bedroom display they had a complete GI Joe set, and a display devoted to 80s nostalgia. I can't believe it, I'm a RELIC!
In Scienceworks, this awesome feat of engineering distracted us for several minutes. The ball machine was noisy, but awesome to watch. The ball traveled on its own through most of the obstacles, chiming bells, wooden blocks, and bouncing into a cage. 7 yr old is right, I should have made a video.

And finally a trip to Rock Stars Cars and Guitars, where you could dress up and rock out on stage.

He really gets into his work!
Besides pretending to play, riding in toy cars, looking at real ones, and guessing what Rock music is, you could sing some in a sound booth, karaoke style.

The museum also offers rock climbing lessons, rock band, an Egypt video flight, and a carousel ride for tickets. I just didn't fork over the extra bucks to try these things. The boys had a great time. I had sore feet, but almost just as much fun!

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