Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Road Home

No, I didn't travel, and even though next week is my Spring Break, I am not planning a trip then either. The Road I am referring to is explained in this edition of..

Things That Made My Day This Week:
4. The little one finished his indoor soccer season. He often spent his turns on the field off in lala land, not wanting to chase after the ball because the other kids were bigger and faster. He wanted his own ball! He just didn't get the concept of playing with a team. It was like "Who are all these people on MY court?!"

3. My aunt and uncle came to visit from Texas, so we had an impromptu family reunion for an hour one evening. They had never met my kids, nor my sister's, and also never had met our husbands. It was a nice visit.

2. I walked into a class with my student charge and the substitute that day asked, "Are you seventh graders?" Now, I don't know if she realized I was a teacher until after she got a chance to look closer at me, but I'm still taking it as a compliment! I still look young!

And the number one thing that made my week:

I was called a 'road' by my close friend and co-author. "She's my road,"he said. This reminded me of the saying "all roads lead to home." So, not to put words into their mouth, but I want to believe that I am home. I am a lodestone, a magnetic center, a compass for this person, to lead them to the right path. And that path is metaphoric. Basically, it is the knowledge that I am more than appreciated, I am needed and loved.

We all want to feel appreciated, needed, and loved. Sometimes we take our spouses and friends for granted who love us every day. This was the jolt I needed to remember to love all of them back!

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