Saturday, April 30, 2011

Stress, Art, Love, and the Ugly Truth

It's been a stressful week.

In happier news, my Aunt, in frustration with her job, wisely sat down and made a 5 year plan. She decided, her boys, my cousins, were grown and she wasn't dead yet, so she'd better take the time to LIVE now and start doing what she wanted to do. This takes some deep soul searching and gumption. Kudos to her!

It got me thinking about where I am going. I certainly enjoy my two jobs, but they do take a lot of energy that I cannot give back to creativity through writing. I deeply desire to work on projects for self-pubbing this summer as well as a novel for querying later on. They are bubbling just under the surface, waiting for the right moment to run over onto the screen.

I made a picture today, because at work, I am going to art class every day with my student and lately I have had the overwhelming urge to color. :)

Yin-yang salamanders in Aboriginal Line Drawing style with colored pencil on black construction paper. The paper was fibrous, so the color couldn't come out as strongly as I wanted. Oh well. One salamander is dark, one light; they accept and help one another. The light and dark colors are repeated in the water and rocks and corner suns. Arcs are repeated also in the picture, making the world go round. :)

My quote this month: "We all want someone for whom we'd be a better person." More in the next blog post!

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