Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Magic is Love

May is always such a great month for me! *deep breath, huge sigh* Ahhhhhh!

  • The weather starts to behave; I plant flowers.
  • My anniversary arrives; I write poetry and renew my commitment to my husband.
  • Mother's day brings me cute hand-drawn cards and maybe more flowers; I get hugs from my boys.
  • My birthday reminds me I'm not a youngin' anymore; I make new resolutions.

The focus of this post is on Love. I've been thinking a lot about the different kinds of Love, how to be pure, what Love means versus grace or forgiveness, and how hard it is to accept Love because it takes faith and vulnerability.

Sometimes we only think of Love as passion and that butterfly feeling in your stomach and fire in your loins.

Rush of water full of noise
cascading, ricocheting, refracting
Wisps of vapor curling high
Blurring, obscuring, enveloping
Fresh clean scent of Ivory soap
Wafting, invigorating, enticing
Single translucent shower curtain
revealing, concealing, alluring
Sharp intake of breath escapes
unnoticed, uninhibited, desired
But this kind of Love doesn't last for many people and when it changes, they feel out of love and hurt. They harbor painful memories of the break-ups and neglect. It makes it hard to get back into a relationship.
“You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me,” she softly stated, staring at the tiny whitecaps behind him.
“Then why do you push me away?” He pulled up his pants and buckled them.
She studied his form; watched him pull on his shirt. “Because I don’t want to have my heart broken.”
“I don’t plan on breaking it. Look, you can’t love someone completely and protect yourself. Love takes sacrifice and vulnerability.”
She smiled at him. Some weight began to lift off of her chest. She suddenly felt free and joyous. He was right.
And she loved him.
She ran to him, her joy carrying her into his arms, and he caught her momentum turning it into a spin. The embrace was warm and true.
“You always know what to say to me. That’s what’s in this for me.” She smiled and let him lean down to kiss her; a kiss which she returned wholly.
The last sliver of sun disappeared behind the waves, but a new relationship had dawned.
Hand in hand, the two sauntered off into the perfect evening.

Sometimes the best parts about Love are discovering the ways you and another person can coexist in harmony. Sure, there are many moments when the two of you collide, finding your agendas crashing into one another. The best thing is to say to yourself, or to them, "I love you, but I don't like you right now." Explain how you feel, or what you were expecting and why you are upset.

Love requires sacrifice. It may mean you open up to another. It may mean you trust someone for the first time. Perhaps you give up a lifestyle of carousing, or compromise over furniture and paint, or study a new religion, or live in some other part of the world you never had before.

The person that Loves you will allow you to be you. They will love you for who you are, and help you achieve your dreams. They may offer sound advice, provide a stepping stone, or even play devils' advocate to your dreams, as long as it overcomes barriers and builds you up.

That's how I see it!

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K.M. Weiland said...

My thoughts exactly. I *lurve* May. Sunshine, shorts, sandals, no bugs yet... what could be better? Storms are blowing into western Nebraska right now, so it doesn't look like the next couple of days will be so warm. But the warm days are coming to stay very soon!