Tuesday, September 27, 2011

So Busy Earning Dough, Yet the Monies Disappear Just as Quickly

It's good to be busy. When I am idle, I get really testy. Being busy quells the wanderlust. You'd think I'd be so busy right now I could really save moolah. But alas!

So what's been going on?? Well, for starters, I had the pleasure of watching my two nieces for two nights and two days while their daddy was in the hospital. Boy was I tired! I'd forgotten what it was like having really little, less self-sufficient children around. Oh the joys of naptime!

This was followed up by the decision to carpool, necessitated by the breakdown of hubby's truck and gas prices too high to warrant the use of the jeep. It seemed like such a pain, but once we got into the routine, it turned out to be very beneficial for us. We saved a lot of money, (spent elsewhere) got to talk to each other for the 30 minute drive to work and back, and we both began exercising!

I've been walking the trail at school which goes into the 'woods' and winds around beside a retention pond that is sorta scenic.. I can walk for 30 minutes a day, about 3-4 laps, and it is great conditioning for the Covered Bridge Festival coming up that requires a lot of walking.

Attended the local Cory Apple Festival, which was great practice walking, and bought apples there! As many times as we have gone, we've never bought any apples the festival was named for.. ironic? Yes.

My mother called to talk about Christmas lists. We have to plan early and start shopping now. I am going to make a shopping date with her, and she wants to go one day to the Covered Bridge Festival with us, so we can talk and shop at the same time then, too! I'm excited to have her come, because I always see things to decorate her living room and never know if she would like them.

In less happy news, our water was correctly diagnosed as having bacterial iron and steps are implemented to fix the problem, or at least conquer most of it, but they are going to cost us even more. *sigh* The joys of homeownership?? That's what they all say. But to have this house, I'll take it! It's better than what we have lived in or with before!

The electric bill should go down since our blower motor is still broken and we have the system off. There's always firewood if it gets really chilly, but it hasn't yet.

Have I been writing? Yes and reading, too! I used some of my tutoring money to visit Borders/Waldenbooks when it was closing to save massive amounts on a few books. These occupy my non-walking times and some of my down time when I am not writing. They also make good bedtime reading for those nights I am not yet sleepy.

This is my current life. One day I will look back and reflect. I wonder what I will think?

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