Monday, October 24, 2011

Fall Blessings

October has flown by!

It's my favorite season, and this autumn has given us some FABULOUS weather, so I've been trying to enjoy it!

And this fall's TV lineup is awesome! I have to admit I'm watching more TV than writing (thanks to hulu) and I feel some guilt, but as October draws to a close and November sneaks up, I am putting down the headphones and trimming my fingernails back for a frenzy of typing! National Novel Writing Month! Woot!

My blessings this week.

One: We finally got our water fixed after a month of having bacterial-iron-filled yellow, stinky, nasty water that I refused to wash anything in. Blech.

Two: We fixed our blower motor in the central air unit so we have heat now. Some of those nights are getting pretty cold!

Three: Hubby's truck is fixed and runs better than ever. My car is in for repairs (in the garage at home that is.)

Four: I have two jobs, tutoring and being an aide. It is hectic, but we have worked it all out with carpooling, daycare, and having an income right now that keeps us afloat, plus work to keep me sane (I can talk to adults!), is all worth it.

I miss my writing friends! And often I miss writing, but as I pointed out, and want to point out AGAIN, is that it is almost NANO!

If you are clueless, go to and check it out!

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