Sunday, March 4, 2012

Food and Art

I totally want to eat a white chocolate starfish.

Seriously, check this out.. Andie's

Making candy like that looks like so much fun. I'd be so fat, though! I'd eat the scraps and broken ones..

Food can be a comfort. I'm noticing more and more as I grow up how food has taken a more comforting role in my life. Not that I'm sad all the time, but I feel better when my pantry is stocked.

My diet has been pretty good, overall. It's the dinner that gets me. I want to carb up and go to sleep after work. I haven't slept well this past week, which makes me more tired, and becomes a vicious circle of lethargy that is not allowing me to write, blog, or think.

Plus, I want to eat something sweet for dessert to feel like the meal is over. I've been trying these awesome and healthy cookies, but they are expensive. For cookies.

Food should be fun and energizing! I remember shredding baby carrots for my brother because he'd eat them in a new shape. We'd have a picnic on the floor, or make faces on our plate with food. It was good food too, veggies, fruits, sandwiches.

Some people give up a certain food for Lent. That started last week. I have a 'beef' with this, because the practice is about sacrifice and replacing something with God to get back in the habit of daily worship or prayer, not a competition or dieting strategy, but I digress. If I were to give up something that I eat a lot of, it would have to be fried foods. That same food can be baked or grilled. I'd still enjoy it. In fact, I received a George Foreman grill for Christmas, and I haven't even used it. Sad.

So let's look at something happy and artful..

There! That's better!

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