Friday, May 18, 2012


I have been REALLY busy!

The re-cap:
1. I took a leap of faith and told my building principal that I'd like to become a long-term sub for the Moderate/Severe mentally Handicapped room at my school. Within 2 weeks I traded assistant positions and began to learn the ropes.

2. I was sent to another middle school to observe the program there and get inspired to make the program at my school as similar to it as possible. Wow! I was truly inspired.

3. The teacher retired, leaving me in charge for 2 months. I have made parent calls, instituted a discipline plan, and experimented with science labs, schedule changes, and tried to hold down the fort while allowing everyone to keep their sanity!

4. I fought with the state over my license, but in the end, it was renewed.

5. I am ending the year with praise, hope, and ready for summer break. Boy am I ever ready!

I want to get back to writing.
I want to clean my whole house.
I want to play with my kids.

Most of all, I want to sleep in!

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