Sunday, July 8, 2012

Consumed By Dreams And Creativity

I've been so CONSUMED by thoughts of my potential job lately that I've lost sleep over it. I'd really like to know whether I have it so I can get on with my life!

Life has not stopped this summer while I have been planning for a job that might not turn out to be my future.

1. Since we have had a drought and record highs, I've been a good dog mommy, giving him a place to cool off.

I had him in the garage, but it was beginning to stink up the whole house, so as soon as it was cool enough, out to the pool he went!

Swimming has been huge this summer, both at home:

And away. 5 year old can swim without floatation devices in the shallow end. 9 year old is diving for sticks at the bottom of the deep end. :) I'm so proud!

2. We saved up and went to Holiday World this year, and spent 5 hours in the water park. Sorry, no pictures. I was swimming and sliding! It was just too much hassle to wrangle an expensive camera and the locker would have been too hot and wet for it.We also got to enjoy the Dive show. I felt like I was exposing my boys to some culture. :)

3. This week we will enjoy our local fair. I'm hoping to see two of my (potential) students there. They have horses entered in the Horse and Pony Show, which is going on today and tomorrow. I am going tomorrow (Monday), but much later than the show. I have already bought the ride tickets (at half price, woot!), so after we walk around in the heat and see all the animals, we will meet up with hubby and ride the carnival rides. This will conclude all summer activities we had planned. Then the month-long stretch until school begins August 14th.

4. We have been to the library twice to check out books. If the 5 year old 'reads' 13 books he will earn a new library tote bag and a frisbee. He said, "Hmm.We need a new frisbee," as if he were analyzing the potential of purchasing something expensive and weighing the pros and cons. If he'd had his little hand on his chin, it would have been perfect!

5. I have also managed to be creative, which always makes me feel better. I did some creative journaling, adding designs and pictures to quotes, worked on the counted cross-stitch I've had for 10 years, and wrote the beginning to a fabulous novel. 

I cleaned out my scrapbooking stuff, in the hopes of making more room, but instead I created more piles of projects! Then I contemplated getting out my special art supplies and showing the boys how to use them.

We did get out the modeling clay. The boys had a great time with it, even though we made a mess on my table cloth. It is vinyl, so it cleaned right up.

The more I do, the more I want to do. Summer is a great time to catch a creative bug!

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