Thursday, June 21, 2012

I Really Must Want This

I took the boys swimming in Nana's pool, and my sis-in-law and her two best friends, who are practically Nana's adopted daughters and family themselves, show up. Pool party! Our kids had a blast.

But the thing I realized most was that I couldn't shut up about what I did for the last two months of school. I really had nothing else to say. They aren't teachers, they are all going into nursing in some manner, so did they really care? Not really.

Why did I keep talking? I think I had to get it out. 

I guess up until then, I hadn't realized how much I want to get this job. See, I was subbing and teaching a middle school class of kids with severe mental disabilities. I loved it. Yes, it was stressful at times, but it fit me.

This kind of setting has some leeway in how you teach. Every day is different. You are responsible for all academic areas. You are also responsible for life skills. It's a HUGE job. It requires flexibility, thinking on your feet, people skills, technological skills, caring, compassion, teaching ability, planning, scheduling, teamwork. I could go on and on.

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