Sunday, December 30, 2012

What Are My Resolutions?


Think Think Think.

I know there are people who don't believe in resolutions. To set a goal at this time of year under peer pressure via 'tradition' seems illogical and irrational. 

The whole New Year's hubbub over the appropriate time to start afresh is just mob mentality.

Then there are people like me, who believe resolutions should be made all year long. You should constantly continue reevaluating yourself to maintain a balance.

I still find this time of year refreshing. I still find the positive in the mob mentality in that it pulls me into a reflective place to do some goal setting.

One of my biggest irritations with myself is financial. I think and talk about money a lot. I hate the way it rules us and the way we need it, but love what I can have or do with it. It irritates me to find such satisfaction in new things when its not the things in life that are important but the people and events that make memories. We will leave a legacy, small or big, when we die. It will be in the memories others have of us. Why get wrapped up in what we have or have to do? Because some of those memories take money to make.

I want to Save Money.

The second biggest irritation in my life is that I have to be healthy to live it. I feel I am not doing the best for myself. I feel like I need to exercise more and eat better and help my body support my mind as I grow older. There are a lot of resolutions made around this same desire. This is one resolution I make to myself continuously and always fall through. It is HARD to accomplish. 

I want to Be Healthy

This involves doctors appointments, a better diet, more exercise, me-time, good rest, and good planning.  I can't just resolve to change my diet. I'll be unsatisfied. I can't just resolve to do more exercise when I know I have a really packed schedule coming up with work, extra work, and classes. I have to attack this problem from many angles at once. This takes some major thinking.

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