Monday, October 11, 2010

250th Post!

Today's post contains Art, pictures of Amish, a date, and a fire. Stay Tuned!

October Art Night: because I love fall and art.
The boys made trees out of construction paper. Drawing around their forearms and fingers for the trunk and branches, cutting red, yellow, and orange into confetti leaves, sounds fun, right?

Tribute to the manual dexterity of 3 and 7 year olds: Can You Guess Who did Which??

We went to the Covered Bridge Festival this year. The weather was like a desert, cold in the morning, dry, and hot in the afternoon. We went to a lot of yard sales, and waited in long lines of cars. My camera batteries died so you don't get to see the long lines. Yeah, I know you were longing to see lines of cars, or a jam-packed parking lot in someone's field, but hey, don't blame me. I'll share what pics I DID get though, so don't feel bad.

Here is a covered bridge, just for posterity.Here are two Amish pics I snapped with my zoom. Usually I don't see them, because they are busy with the harvest or selling goods, but this year they were out shopping too. Not these guys, they were hard at work in the fields.

This was lunch, the same lunch we get every year, and I hope they keep on serving it for years to come! mmmm.
While we were waiting in a exhaustingly long line of cars, I spied this awesome display of tiki bars. We want a tiki thing in our backyard, to decorate with pirate stuff. And now I know where to get one!
I bought some doll house furniture. Here it is in my dollhouse.

It is still going on now through next weekend, and if we decide it is worth it, we'll go out again.

But the best part of this weekend, was... NO KIDS! We haven't spent a childless weekend together in 4 over years.

It was nice. How nice?

This nice. Ahhhhh. Except I injured my knee and got stung by a wasp while we were out. :( Was it worth it? Well, even with the heat while wearing pants (bad choice) and the pain, yes, the day out with hubby was worth it. The boys were well cared for, and we could do anything, from see a movie, to have dinner when and where we wanted, or stay home. :)

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J.L. Stratton said...

I have to ask, was the dollhouse furniture made by Amish? If so, I find it amazing that they would create a stove with electric heating elements.

Outside of that, I'm glad you had a great weekend. I have not experienced the "no kids" thing yet. We got grandkids right away.

ElshaHawk said...

No, the dollhouse furniture wasn't made by the Amish, lol! Good association though, it slipped past me! They usually make real furniture and noodles. This year it was steam powered ice cream machines. :) They were selling pumpkins, too.

Annie Cristina said...

Great pictures, Elsha! And I'm so happy I am able to comment on your posts again. :)