Friday, December 3, 2010

4 Confessions

Confessions from the Island of Misfit Toys

Recently I said that I felt like I belonged on the
Island of Misfit Toys (I'm a misfit). I felt obliged to share with you a few more confessions. I mean, confession is good for the soul, right?

#1 I love shows that make me cry, BUT only when no one is watching.

#2 I sing the car...LOUDLY. See, I used to sing loudly in my own house, back when I had one all to myself. One day I left my stereo up loud and went outside of that house for some errand my mom wanted me to do right now. I realized that I could still hear it quite well outside, and that meant when I thought I was singing to myself, I could still be heard outside. oops. At least there weren't any neighbors. My siblings came over some evenings when the music was up loud. But they know I sing loudly. All that practice made me halfway decent. But since I started living with others; college roommates, hubby, kids, I have not been in practice. I'm not so good now. :)
#3 I want to learn to dance. I had a best friend in middle school who taught me to dance, which was important to not feel AS awkward at the monthly middle school mixers we attended for fun. But I have not updated my moves since then. ..yeah. I want to BE the zumba girl, Confessions 2 and 3 are why I love the show Glee and watching musicals. I also used to dream of producing a stage show at my church with the youth and a selection of my favorite Christian songs.. too creepy? Sorry, I digress.

#4 I can't wear makeup. I never learned how! [Insert list of excuses here.] Thank you Covergirl for your step by step eyeshadow instructions on the box! I have a big ******* event (censored for secrecy) and I need to go practice now. I haven't gone through so much primping since prom! I had help for prom AND my wedding. Both times I felt like I was TOO made up. I can't even look at my prom pictures without shuddering. No offense to my friends, they were just excited to give me a make-over and inexperienced with my skin tone and color. They had to use what was available, as I do not come with my own make-up kit.

So I am off to preen and pluck and slather and brush and create and wash it all off and do it all over again.

Wish me

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Asheyna said...

Yay confessions! You may well have inspired me to do such a post myself. We shall see. I have a few things planned for the blog this month.

And I can NOT believe I have never been to your blog before. I feel like a totally fail friend :(

I've got a tip for makeup so bear with me as I try to explain it. Not much of a makeup fan myself but sometimes I like to get dolled up.

Personally, I love the pinup girl eye. It's totally simple to do as well. I just use a shimmery pink over my eyelid, and then use a liquid liner (you can get good solid fake-liquid eyeliners... just need a fine point) to go from the inner eye towards the outer. When I get close to the end I start to go up a little (you'll think it'll look funny... it doesn't!) Sometimes I'll go past my actual eye, going for that cateye effect. Then I fill in the little spot between the liner and my lashes (again think cateye). Finally I put on the mascara. My sister taught me a great trick for that. Instead of pulling it straight out, put the brush at the root of the lashes and as you're pulling it through move sideways towards the outside of your eye.

It's simple, doesn't take a lot of makeup, but looks really classy! As for blush and stuff... I don't bother with it. I do nice eyes, make sure my skin looks even (yay for foundation) and then put a light gloss on my lips.

g2 (la pianista irlandesa) said...

I've broken out into song more often this semester than I'm already wont to do... a friend of mine at school loves breaking out into song (she doesn't sing that well, she knows it, and couldn't care less about how she sounds. I respect, and encourage, her shameless singing!), so the tendency is infectious.

Especially when you get eight people (loudly) singing Disney songs at Saturday brunch. It's fantastic.

Dancing's fun... I've been learning tango this semester, and it's tough (especially when someone is telling a stubborn and admitted paranoiac [i.e. me] to walk backwards), but it's ridiculously fun.

I've yet to learn how to wear makeup... nor do I particularly want to at present. I just don't like it much. Sure, I had help for prom and ball (i.e. my mother half-insisted on the grounds that I'd look really nice [and I did. It's just not something I'd like to do every day]), but I'm not a makeup person.

And I hope we get to hear about this secret event once you're cleared to tell us about it! =D Excitement!

ElshaHawk said...

@g2 It involves a christmas present, and while i don't think many members of my family read my blog, I don't want to give it away!