Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cheering Myself Up: Favorite Things

New tires, and snow instead of ice, and I am on the road again.. whee!

But now I am sick. Boo!

So here I am with a gift card and coupon for Kohl's, and an appointment to switch our insurance provider to save bundles of cash, and I keep sneezing and leaking from my nose and can't breathe.

Why today?!

I spent yesterday inside, cleaning! I thought that was the worst of this sickness! Gah! Even the fish tank got a long awaited scrub! My laundry is all done! Exclamation point overuse alert!

So, to cheer me up, here's a few Favorite Things this week:

1. Netflix! We signed up for the live streaming. New jobs, new modes of fun. So many more choices than hulu movies AND we can stream it to the big TV through the Wii or PS3. (If you want to use your 360, you have to have a Gold account, which is stupid to pay twice for movies in my opinion, unless you use your gold acct. for other things, which we don't)

2. Butt-toning Shoes! I bought the cheap ones my Dr. Scholl's so I am Gellin' too! I wore them on the weekend as we trudged in the melting slush to Lowe's and Wal-Mart and by the end of the day my thighs were screaming. Go shoes! I'm going to wear them at school in my new job.

3. Advil Cold and Sinus! Even the generic CVS brand is better than Tylenol Cold on my sinus symptoms. I have taken a generic tylenol version and it worked for all of 30 minutes and cut out on me. I need the Sudafed stuff that they moved behind the counter due to meth-heads! Walmart was out of the GOOD stuff. Off to CVS!

4. Car Parts! When I got my new tires, I was supposed to get an alignment at the same time. But they refused because my front lower ball joints are worn out. Hubby picked up the entire knuckle and will be replacing them both so I can go get my alignment. Every little fix makes me more confident in my vehicle. Increasing it's stability is awesome! Sure, there's plenty more to come, but it's a step in the right direction.

5. Shopping! It's clearance time! And I need clothes. Except I'm sick. So the plan is to get some Advil C&S in me and get to Kohl's and TJ Maxx and the Mall. Yeah! Go me!

6. Comments! I received a sort of mediocre comment on my work that I took to be worth much more. It put me on Cloud 9. Not only that, but the commenter then chose to sequel my work, which means it inspired and touched them, which made me feel that I did take the comment as seriously as as it was intended. I think I have found my writing niche, though if I write and submit in this area, I'm going to have to BRING IT to be unique and get signed.

7. Inspiration! I'm working on a blog post all about it, I promise! I'm just catching up from a weekend spent out of the house, then inside painting, reorganizing, washing, and improving. The laundry room is almost 100% done! We have a new door and new faucet and trim! I'm getting things done to make room for more projects and it feels good. Life should be inspiring.

8. Friends in chat that grow closer! I had a great chat with a friend last night that truly brought us closer together, even though an ocean separates us geographically. Technology is so wonderful!

9. Tissues. Thank goodness they were invented, because I am going through about a box a day!

10. Comfort Food. I haven't had any yet, and I'm about to! Yum.

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