Friday, February 11, 2011

First Song and a Plea; What Can I Try That's New?

For Christmas, I received a personalized mix of songs from a friend in Australia. I have to admit, I wasn't sure if I was supposed to figure out why he chose each of these songs and what his impression is of me, or just become more cultured by the various musical elements. He assured me that it was for inspiration.

The first track is a nice ballad with acoustic guitar. It's not chick rock, but I enjoy it. :P

Painted Rocking Horse by Coleman and Bartle, cd Sunrise After Tilling.

A song for the worrier. A song for a person who is holding back. Scary opportunity is knocking on the door, adventure, change, and all they want to do is stay in their comfort zone. They dream about the adventure and how they totally rock while in the adventure, and then wake up to worry about the opportunity possibly passing them up and them being stuck in the same comfortable spot, same old job, same lifestyle, whatever. Been there, done that!

I ride a painted rocking horse and I'm too frightened to let go
There's a holy stallion stamping at the door
And if I ride the wild horse tonight, well I wonder where I'll go
Would he leave me broken, bleeding in the snow?

'Cos it might all come, all come tumbling down
'Cos it might all come, all come tumbling down
But if I never go, how will I ever know?

The horse I've been riding never asks for exercise
It's just a lazy rock, a gentle walk inside
But the stallion asks for more than this, he's impatient for his bride
But my rocking horse and I just won't decide.

'Cos it might all come, all come tumbling down
'Cos it might all come, all come tumbling down
But if I never go, how will I ever know?

In dream I rode the nightmare, and in dream my heart was strong
I was lifted by the stallion and his song
But it's light and I'm still haunted by the winter of a fear
Of a stallion gone forever and I'm still here.

This is a worry I have had, for most of 2010! That's why I am resolving to try something new (gulp) in 2011. In January I tried for a new job, a career change, but that didn't work out. This month I got a job, but it's not new. I got new clothes, but they hardly count. The only thing I can think of to try is to do my hair.

I hardly ever change my hair. I've only temporarily dyed it before, never permanently, and I've only had it cut really short twice in my life. I shouldn't be afraid, it's hair, it grows. The well water makes the ends of my hair change color anyway, so I'd like to even it out. That's not bold enough? How about red?

I know, I'm not thinking very hard. Help me out here! Leave a comment with suggestions for new things I could try!

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Anonymous said...

When I was compiling the CD, you were talking in email about your anxieties over whether to do further study or not. I had that in mind when I picked "Painted Rocking Horse", although I might have picked it anyway.

Some songs might say something about my impression of you (e.g. "The Road Less Travelled"). Others don't signify anything deeper than: you like a good story, and this song tells a story. In between, I tried to choose songs you might identify with in some way, perhaps because of you religious beliefs (some songs were my way of showing you that I respect them even if I don't share them), or your compassion towards people's psychological struggles, or other interests you have. But there was definitely never any expectation that you should try to guess why I chose the songs. Instead, I just wanted you to reflect upon the lyrics and let them take you where they will. (And share the journey, although obviously I didn't expect you to do so on your blog until you said you planned to.)

It warms my heart to know that you appreciated the things I sent you, not only the CD but the other things as well. In some ways, you've expressed that in ways that exceeded my expectations, and I'm honoured that you felt fit to talk about it on your blog. Gifts don't always succeed in making people feel more connected to each other, but I feel this one has, and I'm thankful for that.