Thursday, February 3, 2011

Weathering the Storm

Well, all said and done, there is about 3 inches of ice out there, making the driveway, the yard, and the gravel road an ice rink. The major highways are clear, but the side roads are slick.

The skies cleared, but it so cold, nothing will melt.
My hands are tired from working a sledge hammer to free the dog's chain from the ice. I can't grip my thumbs to my index fingers. It's not too cold for the dogs to be out, and I'm tired of shoveling poo from the garage when they refuse to go when I walk them! You had your opportunity! I had to sledge the ice. But I will pay.

Being iced in means I should be doing things around the house to not go stir crazy. I haven't.
I made a writing challenge on
I played my DS.
I hosted my family members who have not had power for almost 2 days.
I did dishes and laundry and mopped and chased the kids, making them pick up their toys.

That's good, right?

So, tomorrow my thumbs and inner arms are going to be SORE. I'd better do some chores today so I can rest tomorrow. I have no idea when I'll be able to drive my car again. Bald tires and no warm up in sight.

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