Friday, February 21, 2014

A Month of Marriage: Compliment Each Other

I have been married for 11 years, to the same man, and while times are not always perfect, we are still together and still in love. He is my best friend. That is the most important thing. I trust him. We communicate. We share.
Tip #4 Compliment Each Other

This doesn't mean you pick matching outfits or agree with everything he or she says. That would be complement.
Take a second to tell your partner what you like about them, what they did right, and to praise them. Think how much we all love hearing 'good job'. Here are a few ways to compliment your love:

  • Write love notes, 
  • Buy gifts for no reason, 
  • Pick a feature or trait and tell them how much you like it, 
  • Why did you marry that person? Maybe they need to hear it.
  • Cook their favorite meal
  • Watch their favorite movie together
These are beginning to sound like dates, aren't they? Well, they can be mini dates. If you can take small moments between the kids fighting or when you both happen to be in the same room to share a spoonful of ice cream, do it. 

And smile.


Adrian Morgan said...

Nah, complement would be if you disagree with everything he says!

April Schoffstall said...

Ha! Sometimes I do! Complement means go together, and as two halves of a whole, sometimes that means debate, sharing both sides of an argument, and compromise. That's another topic!