Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Sometimes I Like To Art

I decided to paint today; inspired by one of those art workshops where you paint and have snacks and wine and everyone laughs and ends up with a decent copy of the same work. I saw pictures from one of them that a friend posted on facebook and I felt compelled to paint my own.

It became a two part little series. I'm not sure I'm finished with it yet. I may do a little bit more shading or refining.

I like birch trees, I like birds, and I wanted to do more of a Fall/Autumn thing, but the blue sky came out wintery and cold. I stuck a few leaves on anyway, like 'Hang in there little buddies. Dream of spring and summer." The stormy blue is calm, though, like the hush of the winter has arrived and the land is waiting on the snow. The bird's color ties the piece together.

Overall, I like the bones of the piece.

What do you think?

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