Monday, June 29, 2009

Book Review

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I finished Crushed this week. And let me tell you, I liked it better than Zipped. This book mixes high school love triangles, high school cliques, mystery, physics, German, French, and economics all into one! It was intelligently and masterfully pieced together. I knew when I set the goal to finish this book, I was going to read straight through the end, and left myself a whole Sunday evening.

I love that you learn something when you read their books. This one is especially chock full of facts and details. They also know their cars!

I love that each chapter has a creative title, though not as creative as Zipped.

I love the intricacies of the characters. Each one is round, complete with secrets. If you pay attention, you can solve the mystery in the story way before the protagonist does, however it took me a little longer to pick up on the clues this time. Which made for a better read, actually. A predictable book is a turn-off.

Here is a much better review with a summary attached for you to peruse if you are interested in this book. I am not a very good book reviewer because I hate to give ANYTHING away, so my review is quite lacking in facts.

Now I'm on to something else on my shelf!

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