Saturday, June 27, 2009

Ficly Poem: Size Matters

If I were taller..

I could reach the second shelf in the cabinets
I could dunk a basketball
I could write at the top of the chalkboard

I could hoist a child on my shoulders for a better view
I could shop in the Misses section
I could drive all models of vehicles comfortably

But I’d have a good view of the dirt on top of the fridge
I’d have to duck under low door frames
And people would always ask me to get things down

I would miss being able to rescue a terrified kid from the McDonald’s Playland
I would miss reaching into small spaces
I would miss climbing onto the roof of the van to strap down luggage

I couldn’t rest my head on my hubby’s chest near his heart
I couldn’t fit in the tent with my kids
I couldn’t grow anymore anyway, so I guess,

I’ll stay short

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OrangeOreos said...


This just made me smile. Thanks!