Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Creative Classroom

I find this inspiring!
My son's kindergarten teacher transforms her classroom into a Caribbean Vacation for the last two weeks of school. Combined volunteer hours on this project was 40. And she stores all the table cloths, decorations, and umbrellas in totes. My pictures don't do it justice! The lights are covered in different swags of color, fish hang from the ceiling, tropical table cloths are stapled on the walls like wall paper.These pictures were taken during a parent's visit time, can you tell?

The pirate ship was my favorite part. This area of the room is already a play area. She just covered the railings with brown paper. The toy pirate ship and shark are a nice touch!This was the water area, a favorite among the students. It was dyed blue. She also had a market with real Caribbean money, a sand station, and many others. The tables were pushed together and covered with carpet so that a "stage" was made. There was a child-size table with umbrella and chairs up there, the kind for outdoors. They learned beach songs and memorized lines for a little show. It was adorable!

Now, wouldn't you love to do something like this?

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