Sunday, December 29, 2013

Fitness and Nutrition: Baby Steps

We put an elliptical on our Christmas Wish list, the hubs and I. We had been looking at one that we would have had to order because it wasn't stocked locally in any store. It was going to be around 200 dollars with shipping, give or take. We looked on craigslist, too. Hubby found one for 50 bucks that he said worked. I didn't see that one, but I did see one for 50 bucks that said the readout screen was broken. I want the screen to work so I can see how well I've done, so I frowned upon this.

Meanwhile, I had made myself a little 'get-into-a-fitness-routine' plan and I actually put it on paper; which is more definitive than just thinking about it. It included a little 2 minute routine I saw online on the inspiring Daily Hiit website, and then a 5 minute routine, and finally, I am supposed to begin a 5 day challenge this next week because I am off work, also by Daily Hiit. (Go there to see what kinds of workouts they have right now.) It is nearly New Year's, so I figured I'd get a jump start.

I was going to begin the day after Christmas, kinda slip into this easily, since Christmas this year was on a Wednesday, I'd have two days to start doing some exercises and Saturday, when I was already scheduled to have a family celebration, I could rest a little.

But on Thursday, Boxing Day, hubby and I walked all over town returning/exchanging/shopping. Instead of doing a routine, I wore myself out walking all over. We decided to duck into Goodwill to see what caught our eye. He was looking for a computer part that they didn't have. You never know. Lo and behold, there was an elliptical. So I climb on it and heck to see if the display works. It does. It even gives you a general reading of your heart rate when you put your thumb on the sensor.

We got an elliptical.

For 25 bucks.

It was covered in dog hair and spiderwebs. We were tired from walking so we left in the car until Friday. He vacuumed it off in the garage, then we lugged it into the house where the boys and I went over it with Clorox wipes. It suddenly looked usable. In fact, the boys can't stay off of it!

The first day, Friday, I was only able to get 2 minutes in before I jumped off to let the boys have a turn. I did another 2 minutes later in the day. I spent most of it packing up the Christmas stuff and moving roll-top desks around. (Can I count that as a workout??)

Saturday I did go to my family's celebration and got in a 5 minute workout on the elliptical.

Baby steps.

I've also been conscious of my nutrition. We've been buying less pre-packaged and frozen foods and more fresh and whole grain and raw foods. I still buy Light soups for my lunches and have been enjoying pita chips and hummus as a snack. I am sad that I cannot find my favorite flavor of oatmeal, but if this means I have to finally learn to make my own or to try new things, then so be it.

More baby steps.

As I discover new things, or try more new things, or need to gloat over how proud I am of my new healthier me, I will post. :)

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