Thursday, January 27, 2011

Crying: Cast Your Vote!

Day 26: Crying: Strength or Weakness?

Sometimes crying just has to be done. After a stressful event, crying helps get those emotions out. There are tears for joy as well as sorrow. Most of my tears are from frustration. Or maybe pent up emotions that just boil over.

I hate to cry in view of any other human.

But I am reminded of a time when I was dating my now husband and my aunt had passed away. He said he'd rather I cried on his shoulder, with him, than without. He wanted to hold me and feel like he was doing something to comfort me. So in my crying times today, I remember I don't have to hide my tears from him.

Strength or weakness? I must personally view crying as a weakness, otherwise I wouldn't want to hide it. Even though I know that it is a necessary function, a path to emotional health, I still don't want to share.

What do you vote: strength or weakness?

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