Sunday, January 16, 2011

I Prefer Something Borrowed or Blue..

Day 16: Your views on mainstream music

I just did a post on music! I don't listen to mainstream music! Sure, I pick up on popular songs in commercials and movies and the occasional radio I catch while with someone else, but I don't stay abreast of the newest bands.

So let's change this.

Day 16: When Was the last Time You Tried Something New

Well, I got a new CD for Christmas, and everything is good about it but the lead singer screams in some songs.


Sometimes we try a new variation of a food we already like. Does that count?
Oh, look, honey! They make it in a pastry now!

I sub in new classrooms in new schools, that's always an adventure!

I tried twitter and took notes on marketing myself as an author and self published with different sites. I also headed up the ficly paperback project. How's that?

I'm not much for trying new things, I guess. I mean, I work up to changes gradually. I don't even like to jump in the pool to get over the shock of the water being cold, but I did that for the first time in 2010.

I actually wrote this question on my calendar after I read it a couple weeks ago. It seemed a New Year's kind of thing to do. See? I even had to warm up to the question!

So, I guess I have to make a point to do new things this year.


I'm scared to ask, but, any suggestions?

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Anonymous said...

You got two new CDs for Christmas, then...?

ElshaHawk said...

yes, I got this one in addition to the package you sent me, but I plan on making a post about your gift after this 30 day thing is finished. :)