Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Day 13: Somewhere You'd Like to Move or Visit

I've always been in love with the idea of 'Home'.
Home is where the heart is. I love every one of the seasons in their own right and am glad I live where I can witness them.

Once, after a long trip, I remember noticing how the land changed and began to
feel more like home. There was something about the trees that grew in the right clumps, the land that had the right amount of hill and dale. Maybe my body knew it was the right height above sea level, or the right magnetic distance from the North Pole. Or perhaps my mind interpreted all these things inside the knowledge that I was almost home. Whatever it was, I love my corner of the world.

But I'd like to visit lots of places!

I want to swim in the ocean, though I bet it is lot like the wave pool at the waterpark. (They even use saltwater!) Maybe take a surf lesson.

I want to see the desert with adobe churches and lizards. Maybe swing by the Grand Canyon and visit a western ghost town.

I want to heft a gigantic volcanic rock and pose for a picture like I'm super buff.

I want to visit a lighthouse.

I want to stay at a castle, admire the stonework, and take pictures of sheep herders crossing the road with their flock.

I want to get my hair dredded and listen to a steel drum band.

I'd like to visit the Holy Land. Egypt, Greece, and Rome would be neat too.

Would I make it to New Zealand, Australia, or Japan? I don't know. The thought of being so far from home is kind of intimidating. I'd have to be sure there was nothing to worry about back home to feel free enough to embark upon a long journey.

There's a world of experiences out there, even the blunders of being a tourist, that I want to learn from. I'd like to take my family, to share these experiences with those I hold most dear.

But nothing feels like

I could argue, as long as I have my hubby, my heart, I am home no matter what country we are in. (awwww) But Home to me includes
family and security. I'd never feel completely secure far away from my loved ones.

So I'd visit, but not live in other places for long. I'd always wish for

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