Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Music and Me

Day 11: Ipod shuffle, first 10 songs.

I don't OWN an ipod.
I'm not really musically inclined.
Music is my weakest 'intelligence'.
Sure, I sing loudly in the car, but it's a joyful NOISE.

I used to be pretty good at singing, but I'm way out of practice now.

Plus, I choose to listen to Christian rock, and hubby is not into that, so I try to be accommodating and I only play it when he is not home, or on my computer with the headphones plugged in.

When I do listen to music I am usually doing other things, like laundry folding, or driving, things that take up the mechanical part of my brain.

I can't listen to music and write. Okay, well sometimes I can. But usually, I need to concentrate in silence. I find if I do listen to music when writing, I stop paying attention to the music. I am in a state of sensory deprivation, a tunnel created by the sound, a zone where only the words matter.

I live in a primarily music-less world. I enjoy music, but I can't hear all the subtle nuances that a musician can. I can't pick out each instrument in a composition. I just like what I like. I don't like country-twangy singers, or nasally singers. I love a good beat.

Maybe I should listen more often, especially if I want to dance for exercise! Maybe this should be a resolution; make an exercise mix.

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