Thursday, January 20, 2011

Your Brain is A Muscle Too

Day 20: How Important You Think Education Is

I'm a teacher. I am a college graduate. I want to go back to college to better myself. I think education is pretty darn important.

Hours a week are spent teaching my kids at home, other kids when I sub, and myself on the internet. Learning constantly is what life is about, even if the knowledge is how sharp the coffee table corner is compared to your shin.

We should challenge ourselves daily. I think if we don't, we get very bored. Hobbies and jobs do that, they challenge us (not bore us, you sillies). Problem solving, hand-eye coordination, transfer of skills, muscle memory, short term memory, and other skills can be developed. Work out your brain!

We all know people we think are blundering idiots. Don't be one of them. There was a study that showed that you can continue to increase your I.Q. into your old age. If you give up and stop learning, you are selling yourself short and probably missing out on opportunities.

READ READ READ, write, do crosswords, knit, golf, keep working, DIY some projects, practice, READ, and keep your body healthy. :)

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