Monday, January 3, 2011

Not Even An Issue

Day 3: My views on Drugs and Alcohol

Too easy: They are BAD!

Just watch some documentaries if you don't believe me. Read the paper. Drunken drivers die, or cause deaths. Drug babies fill our education system with special needs that could have been prevented, and continuing users put their children at risk for abuse and neglect, often sending them to foster care.

What about social drinking or mild overuse of prescription meds?

If you've been raised to drink sociably and responsibly, stopping when you're buzzed, then don't drive home. Have a nice time! Have a glass of wine with dinner. It's supposed to be good for your heart. But if you can't tell when to stop, or desire to drink more, then you are abusing the privilege.

And if you overuse your meds, you still get fired from your job.

There is not a gray area for me. I don't know why this is even question. It's not an issue for debate or discussion. Drugs and alcohol are bad, period.

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JL Stratton said...

Great thoughts on the use/abuse of drugs and alcohol.

My father was an alcoholic and, 2while he was a good person, memories stain my mind of waking on a Saturday morning so we could go look for his car. We would usually find it in a ditch within two miles of home.

I firmly believe there is an element of heredity involved in alcoholism. When I was younger, there were time when I would drink until I ran out of money or could no longer stand. I completely lacked the ability to stop on my own. Although I did not drink often, when I did, I usually did not walk away on my own.

Of course, I no longer drink like that, although I do enjoy a cold beer after mowing the lawn in the summertime.

Hope your little guy gets better soon and that you have a wonder new year.

ElshaHawk said...

Alcoholism affects every family. Both my husband and I have relatives who are or were alcoholics.

We also know people who can enjoy a cold brew with relatives. They are responsible about it, though.

Thanks for the well wishes for my little guy. he is doing much better! he hasn't eaten a lot today, but he has kept it all down and seems back to his ornery self. :)