Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Me, Me, Me, My Day.. ugh.

Day 12: Bullet Your Day

Really? Do you actually care?

Today we happen to have a 2 hour delay and I happen to be working. I was supposed to work yesterday but school was closed due to snow. Today I have to risk my life and the lives of my children while driving to daycare and work.
I should have planned this out better.. :/

  • Wake up
  • Get kids and I ready for day: breakfast, dressed, groomed
  • Go to work (hopefully)
  • Come home, picking up little one from daycare on the way
  • Eat
  • Do chores, help older one with homework
  • Get shower
  • Read bedtime stories
  • Go to bed when I feel tired
There ya go. The basic plan. Happy now?

I'm beginning to think that writing for 30 days about ME is losing my readers. Though this blog is my personal space and I use it as a journal, I'm thinking that I need to change it up. I need to post something fun every week that will be worth your time.


yeah, it needs flava..

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